What’s the difference between Power BI and Klipfolio?

When using Power BI or Klipfolio as a business dashboard these are biggest differences:

  1. Klipfolio refreshes your data more often, starting at 1 hour, with 30 minutes, 15 minute and up to the minute data options also available. Power BI Pro refreshes a maximum of 8 times a day, which is frustrating for a live dashboard as it doesn’t cover a full work day. Power BI Premium can refresh up to 48 times a day, or every 30 minutes. Refreshing more often that in Power BI needs an Enterprise license which starts at $4,995 USD per month.
  2. Power BI requires a license for each user accessing a Power BI dashboard. All Klipfolio plans purchased from Hart IT come with unlimited users.
  3. Klipfolio is a specialised business dashboarding tool, and can do that job better and faster.
  4. Power BI can be used for more detailed data analytics than Klipfolio, but make sure you aren’t replicating functionality that already exists in your other software.
  5. They both have good mobile apps, but Power BI will need a paid license for each user accessing it through the app.

In summary, if you are wanting a live dashboard that can be easily shared to your whole team Klipfolio will usually be the best choice.