Live Dashboard Examples

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Live Dashboards by Department

Dashboard samples for departments such as marketing, sales, finance, user experience, and executives.

Sales Dashboards

Sales Manager Dashboard

Measuring detailed KPIS for the sales team

Sales Dashboard

This is a dashboard for a fictional company with 4 sales people, Bill, Elon, Jeff, & Steve.

Interactive Sales Dashboard

This dashboard features drill down fields, with clickable elements to drill into data.

Operations Dashboards

Warehouse Dashboard

By using the features offered on this dashboard you can supercharge your warehouse performance.

Factory Dashboard

A factory is a perfect example of where performance measures and targets can drive continuous improvement.

DIFOT Dashboard

A dashboard is the ideal tool to simultaneously record your DIFOT drivers from a wide variety of sources, use them to calculate your DIOFT and display them to the team.

Management Dashboard

Managers Master Dashboard

This is the dashboard that gives our clients a good nights sleep!