Scoreboard of Black Caps vs Pakistan

Aligning & Engaging your team

I was recently at a seminar when the topic of aligning and engaging your team came up. One golden nugget of advice was that alignment comes through having shared goals. Those shared goals must be communicated to your team as clearly and simply as possible. The simpler the goal the more alignment you will get.

Then how do you engage them? If you print out your shared goals and put them up on the wall that’s a lot better than nothing but after the unveiling most of your team will only engage with it a few times a year. However, measure your performance against your goals on a live scoreboard and they will engage with it every time they walk past! It also reinforces the shared goals and drives both alignment and engagement. 

Think of the Black Caps batting last and chasing down their target. The scoreboard tells the whole team exactly what they need to get and how many balls they have left. Only 2 of them are on the field batting but the 9 looking on follow each delivery intensely. Every run is welcomed and valued. An excellent example of a team fully aligned and engaged!

We can help you do the same with your team. A successful project starts with the leadership team identifying what their shared goals are and the metrics they want to track. If the team have a way they are used to looking at the data already, for example as a line graph, we recommend using that. Otherwise we make suggestions based on our experience on the best way to display the key metrics. Wherever possible we have a target to aim for and a clear visual of whether you are behind or ahead of it. A wireframe is prepared for your sign off then we link your data to it.  

The end result is an extremely valuable tool that is guaranteed to not only align and engage your staff, but spur productivity and growth. Don’t leave money lying on the floor, Get started today.