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We provide IT solutions that give our customers confidence and peace of mind.



The best description I have heard of trust was from a speaker at an Unfiltered Live in 2018. I wish I could remember who she was to credit her, but she said:

“Trust is like a bank account you have with someone. You can make deposits and withdrawals. Every time you make sure they get the credit for a job well done, every time you do something for them without expecting recognition and every time you take responsibility for something you did wrong you are making deposits in your trust account with them. Every time you blame someone else or them, every time you get defensive and every time you fail to recognise their contribution you are making withdrawals from your trust account.”

This story really resonated with me as I was able to easily recognise when I’d made withdrawals. However we all have the chance to be better; engage with us and we’ll regularly make deposits into our shared trust account!

Exception statement time: this does not include toxic positivity. If you’ve ever been exposed to that you know that it doesn’t work, and by ignoring real problems it just makes everything worse.

I’ve been in a place where being positive about anything just seemed too hard. In fact I convinced myself that anyone positive was just a good actor. If that sounds like you I urge you to get help, it can get better.

Being positive means attempting something you think you can’t do, but you make one step after another anyway.
Being positive means ignoring the noise and concentrating on what you can change.
Being positive means being thankful for your blessings.



Don’t judge a man before you’ve walked a mile in his shoes – American Proverb.

Of course there’s the oft quoted addendum: “Then who cares? You’re a mile away and you’ve got his shoes!” Seriously though, everyone you meet will have some burden they’re bearing and it’s good for us to remember that.


I’m convinced that empathy is a needed value to be able to work together constructively as well. We’ve all had the co-worker or boss that dismisses something you bring up without actually thinking about it. And how can you expect to help solve a problem if you can’t see exactly what the problem is? 

Once you stop learning, you start dying – Albert Einstein

Most of us don’t realise until we’re much older that our school lessons weren’t really about what we were learning at all; they were about the learning process. Of course we need to know the three “R”s to be functioning adults but being naturally gifted at those doesn’t necessarily transfer to other areas. 

Another great quote about learning is “we learn more from people than we do from books”. It doesn’t have to be from people that are more educated than you either. We are committed to continually learning and improving what we do.



Our Team

Steve Hart


Founder and director of Hart IT, Steve was born by the airport in Miramar, Wellington and has very slowly moved northwards. By the time he retires he expects to have got as far as the Kapiti Coast somewhere.

Starting from when he was the go to guy when the photocopier wasn’t working in all his roles he’s ended up looking after the IT so it made sense to focus on doing just that.

When he gets spare time you can mostly find him in the garage, either doing woodwork (badly) or smoking meat (getting better). He can’t decide whether his favourite food is bacon or beef short ribs.

Amy Hart


Quickly bought on as a co-director of Hart IT when it became obvious Steve was better at IT than book keeping, Amy was born north of Steve but they’ve been in sync for 10 years now

Amy has had experience in roles as diverse as Account Management to Purchasing and Inventory Controlling and brings an eagle eye to the Hart IT company finances.

In her weekends she enjoys taking her only slightly reluctant husband on walks and bike rides. Her summer goal is to walk the Tongariro Crossing.

Ivy Diaz


This is where the rubber hits the road, or mostly in our case the office TV screen

Ivy has considerable experience in data visualisation across a lot of different software. Her attention to detail and speed keeps our customers happy and satisfied.