Dashboards made simple. Love it.

Everything you need on a dashboard

We connect your data to live dashboards. Focus your team on the KPIs that matter and show them if they are winning or losing.

Track your monthly progress

Our most popular graph! Clearly track your sales progress through the month against your target. Use sales orders, invoices, or both. Automatically remove non-working days.

Motivate the team with todays results - live!

Our clients love being able to see exactly how much they have sold or despatched today.

Spur competition with activity leaderboards

We all know how vital hitting our phone call targets are. Recognise your teams efforts and show how much you care by displaying their results live. A little bit of friendly rivalry also helps!

Combine everything on one or more dashboards

Display data from any of your software systems in one place. Lets different departments appreciate each others work.

We put your numbers on the wall. Simple, easy to understand dashboards that show your team if they are winning or losing.

Connect to any software, and clearly show all your KPIs vs targets in one place.