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Build a NetSuite dashboard with HART IT

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Build a NetSuite dashboard with Hart IT

Connect your NetSuite data to a live dashboard to easily display your most important data. Use our mobile dashboard app to quickly see key NetSuite metrics.  

Why not use the dashboard tools built into NetSuite?

Great question! As enthusiastic NetSuite users in past jobs ourselves we know how good the dashboard tools are in NetSuite already. They do have some limitations though:

NetSuite dashboards can’t display data from sources other than NetSuite

This is OK if you do everything in NetSuite but hardly any businesses do! We can help you combine all your data in one place.

NetSuite dashboards can be customised easily, TOO easily!

There is no better way to align your team than making sure everyone is looking at the same numbers. Having central control of what the team is looking at daily is essential to doing this.

Add a dashboard without using an extra NetSuite license

We can provide you with dashboards that can be displayed on multiple screens, devices and to unlimited users for less than the cost of a single NetSuite license!  

Combine your NetSuite data with our other integrations

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