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How To Make Browsing LinkedIn a Joy

Hands up if you find LinkedIn an inspiring place to browse that helps your business and personal goals in real tangible ways! What, you don’t? Read on to find out how to fix that.

The problem is YOU

Yes, OK that is a clickbait header. But the only person that can fix up your feed is you. There’s no quick fix; however this won’t take long and I guarantee you that after doing it once a day for a week your feed will be eons better.

1st step: Decide what you want to see.

  • Insights and useful tips from professionals in their field?
  • Project updates and industry news from colleagues and competitors?
  • The latest products and news from brands you admire? (I like LEGO, don’t judge)
  • Funny videos of pranks and low resolution Mr Bean videos
  • Impassioned awareness plea for [insert cause here] so you can like it and pretend you’re helping

Whatever you want your LinkedIn feed to be, identify it and then make it like that with the next steps:

2nd step: Three strikes and you’re out

If someone constantly likes dumb content don’t put up with it, unfollow them. I usually give people a chance, their kid might be the one that liked that Mr Bean video or they might have clicked like on a cat video by mistake.

If it happens more than 3 times though: hit them with your unfollow hammer. Likewise if they only share useless content: whack the unfollow link. If all they do on LinkedIn is talk about their boring product that you have no interest in; smash that unfollow button. I think you get it by now…

3rd step: Keep on unfollowing

You won’t weed out all the bad content at once. Keep on consciously thinking about whether what’s coming up in your feed is what you want to see and unfollowing it if not.

4th step: Add good content

Try following a bunch of companies that you’re interested in. Ask colleagues and friends for interesting people to follow. There are talented people out there putting out great content, all you have to do is find and follow them.

5th step: Review and refine

After a week of doing this browse through your new feed and enjoy the bliss of good content and no low quality uninspiring posts!

Have any other ideas? Please let me know in an email or in the comments below.